To Forgive the Unforgivable:
- The Medal -
A poetic impression of the horror of the concentration camps - Stephen Morris 1997.

Stephen Morris has been invited by the British Art Medal Society to create a medal as a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust and it will be launched at The Ben Uri Gallery on Thursday 23 October. All the artistís commission from the sale of the medal on the night will be donated to the Ben Uri and Morris will give a poetry reading from his book "To Forgive the Unforgivable" (Moving Finger. 1997): poems about memory, about not forgetting and about forgiveness.

A long-term resident of the South of France, Morris has worked on the project for a number of years, visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau and Morris, who is from a non-Jewish background, says of the experience "Eight years ago I visited the two camps at Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland. Even though I had been prepared for the silent horror of it all, I was still shocked. It was perhaps something to do with fear, a lack of comprehension or what had actually occurred during my own lifetime...It did, in many ways change my life, my attitudes and posed many questions: I became familiar with Jewish culture and history. I made many new friends and my priorities in life were challenged and in some cases changed. I also learned a great deal, about people, myself, attitudes, prejudice. fear and hatred, so the experience was educational and thought-provoking as well as coping with the emotional involvement.

To Forgive the Unforgivable

The Medal 'To Forgive the Unforgivable' can be purchased from:
The British Art Medal Society, PO Box 26, Crowborough,
E Sussex TN6 1WP

- Price £120 -

- The Film -

Stephen Morris has tried with words and images to express his feelings about the horror of the concentration camps, to capture some of the blind terror, the revulsion and the sheer repugnance of it all.
The words and images are simple but compelling, created to linger in the memory. The initial vision is a blast of colour, but within that are individual pieces of tragedy, pain, suffering and death. We must never forget the unforgettable for the sake of all those who were consumed in the Holocaust. The purchase price includes the booklet of poems and pictures.

The film 'To Forgive the Unforgivable' can be hired or purchased from:
Concord Films, 201 Felixstow Road, Ipswich, 1P3 9BJ.
Tel: 01473 726021

- £10 for hire £25 purchase -