Work by Stephen Morris is in the following collections:
Public collections:

The University of Lancashire library.
Ruskin College, Oxford.
The Jewish Museum, Manchester.
Chatham Arts Centre, Kent.
Elsham Hall, Lincolnshire.
Macclesfield Museum and Art Gallery.
Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery.
The Maidenhead Synagogue.
The Ruskin Gallery, Sheffield.
Salisbury Museum and Art Gallery.
Ben Uri Gallery, London.
Letchworth Museum and Art Gallery.
Brink Museums, Vledder, The Netherlands.
War Remnants Museum. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
A.N.P.O Gallery, Peret, France

Private collections:
Billy Hawney
Mr and Mrs L Tytel, Mr Colin Rock,
Dr and Mrs D. Dadley, Mrs M Berry, Ms N Warren.
Mr and Mrs Peter Lewis, Ms S Krellinger, Mr K Menon.
Mr and Mrs V Lloyd, Mr and Mrs I McAllister, Ms V Lloyd. Mr I Tytel and Avril.
Mr and Mrs M Tytel, Ms C Morris, Mr and Mrs D Warner.
Dr and Mrs D Morris, Mrs V Clutterbuck.
The late F.F.Horton Mrs H Brenke, Lady Sally March.
Slivink Diedrvic, Mr George Johnson.
Mrs Kalwant Bhogal.
Lee Lewis, Manina Hobson, Dave Reeves.
Sue and Richard Lewis, Susanna Warren.
Freddy Winston, Mr and Mrs D. Swift, Laurette Leroy
Kristof Kaminski, Paul Kennington, Jan Ulyatt.
Mr and Mrs S. Haysom, Mr and Mrs E. Jenkins.
Madam C. Mauvaird, Mr K Dadasieuilz.
Madam C Vu Van, Mr and Mrs J Hardy.
Mr and Mrs D Crossan, Dr. R.A. Washbrook.
Mr and Mrs G Holland, Mr and Mrs R Hay, Mr J Dors.
Martin Bommas, Daniel Duchemin,
Mr Philip Asquith, Sue & Andre Marcot,
Faye, Michael Burns,
Maria Bruno, Arlindo Rio Tinto,
Mr and Mrs K Roberts, M Olivier Ducornet,
Mrs M. Couch, Andreas Fluchter,
M.and Madam Hubert de Colombe,
M and Madam Christophe Aschero, Sophie Dupont,
Ingela and Gosta Ryden,
Kevin Brennan.